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Modern Chandeliers

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Chandeliers have evolved and it's time to think beyond the traditional dining room chandelier! The versatility of chandelier lighting has allowed it to venture beyond formal rooms and serve not only as a striking visual centerpiece, but also as the primary source of lighting for most rooms. A unique, unusual and fun chandelier can set the tone for an entire room and enhance its surroundings. At Maison Du Lustre, we have created a selection of truly distinguished chandeliers that cover the full spectrum of today's interior design styles, from Scandinavian to contemporary and beyond.

Living room chandeliers add an ornate atmosphere to rooms, especially large halls. While people often think that they are reserved for the rich, Maison Du Lustre offers a wide choice that fits all kinds of decorations. Many people don't know what to look for when choosing chandeliers. Maison Du Lustre is here to help you with its practical guide on chandelier types.

Chandeliers have a spectacular visual impact and are a great way to set the tone of a room's decor. Crystal chandeliers are very popular in formal reception areas such as dining rooms and lobbies. But there are many other styles and light sources, including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and a growing selection of LEDs.

Expect the unexpected when you discover our collection of chandeliers with different light tones. With a little fantasy and a lot of style, you will find modern mid-century chandeliers and geometric chandeliers comfortably installed next to chic industrial designs and bohemian styles; all having one thing in common, they have been selected as quality showpieces that will distinguish your individual style.

Living Room Chandeliers

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When considering lighting your dining room, be aware that our selection of dining room chandeliers includes both traditional style chandeliers, ranging from crystal chandeliers to wrought iron, polished nickel to antique brass and other base materials. We have also selected unusual styles, including surprising materials such as chandeliers made of wood beads and others made with lampshades from reclaimed wood, jute and chicken wire mesh. For more information please feel free to discover our wooden chandeliers.

The choice of a unique chandelier well adapted to your space requires some planning and expertise. For useful information, please consult our section on dining room chandelier ideas

Gold Chandeliers

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Entryway Chandeliers

Starting in the lobby, a chandelier prefigures your sense of style. The lighting of a chandelier has the ability to create first impressions ranging from a grandiose, breathtaking welcome to an intimate, warm and relaxed atmosphere that says "I'm happy to be home" and extends these feelings throughout the house via a precise luminosity.

Dining Room Chandeliers

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What is the correct height to hang a dining room chandelier?

How to choose between a small, medium and large dining room chandelier size to illuminate your home.

If you are looking to quickly and easily update a room without replacing your existing lighting or making a larger purchase, consider adding shades to your existing chandelier. It's amazing how this little refreshment can change the look and lighting mood of a room!

Vintage Chandeliers

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Chandeliers work in every room and for every style, including the kitchen! If you are looking for stylish table lamps to modernize your kitchen, consider using a chandelier in the kitchen.

Hanging a chandelier on your kitchen table can be the focal point you need. Whether you are looking for a simple farm table chandelier or an elegant modern island chandelier for your kitchen, you can distinguish your style with our wide selection. Maison Du Lustre can help you find a centerpiece that speaks in elegant, understated tones or reaches the show-stopping notes. Let us help you distinguish your style!

Wood Chandeliers

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Kitchen Chandelier

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When you think about the lighting in your room, bedroom chandeliers are not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.

If ceiling lights and bedside lamps are the only light fixtures you associate with bedrooms, you may want to reconsider the simple, refined elegance that a small chandelier could add to your room. For a more rustic universe an industrial chandelier may find its place.

If you want to update your bedroom lighting with a chandelier, check out our bedroom chandelier ideas to help you choose, place and hang a bedroom chandelier.

Crystal Chandeliers

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Dandelion Chandelier SoffioneDandelion Chandelier Soffione
House Of Chandeliers

Dandelion Chandelier Soffione

Sale priceFrom $309.99 Regular price$499.99
Silver Crystal Chandelier CromoSilver Crystal Chandelier Cromo
House Of Chandeliers

Silver Crystal Chandelier Cromo

Sale priceFrom $151.99 Regular price$199.99


"Which chandeliers will match my current space? Take a tour of your home and determine the main theme. If you have mainly modern or industrial furniture, geometric furniture with lots of curves would be perfect. Alternatively, thick cupboards, lush carpets and other fancy furniture are beautifully highlighted by a traditional chandelier".

Simply dim the light when you want the instant glamour of a soft, candle-like glow. And above all, follow our simple tips for hanging a chandelier to make sure you buy the right size chandelier and that it looks beautiful when hung. To be at their best, chandeliers should be suspended about 30 to 33 inch above a dining room table in rooms with ceilings of 8 Feet. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, mount the chandelier 4 inch higher for every 11 inches of ceiling. The appearance of the chandelier also plays a major role, whether it is finished in chrome, copper, black metal, lacquer, gold and more.

Also think about finding a light bulb that fits your style of decoration, whether it is led, incandescent, halogen, but also with e27, e14 and other bases.

Black Chandeliers

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Large chandeliers are perfect for living rooms and dining rooms, while small chandeliers are perfect for completing entrance lighting. Once you've determined which type of chandelier best suits your space, think about lighting. Many lights can light a space, but if you have large windows, you may want to consider a smaller one".

Led Chandeliers

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Circle Led Chandelier TriploCircle Led Chandelier Triplo
House Of Chandeliers

Circle Led Chandelier Triplo

Sale priceFrom $505.99 Regular price$599.99
Minimal Chandelier EnigmaMinimal Chandelier Enigma
House Of Chandeliers

Minimal Chandelier Enigma

Sale priceFrom $309.99 Regular price$529.99


"What is the purpose of this chandelier? Think about what you want, the kind of impression you want it to make. Materials and design convey it in many ways. If you want to add an important element to your decor, complicated state-of-the-art lighting is the solution.

If you want to add a touch of romance or class to the room, small chandeliers work wonders". Design chandeliers are at the forefront of the aesthetic world.


At House Of Chandeliers, we try to make sure that you always have many options for your home or loft. That's why we have so many chandeliers for sale on our site. We want to make sure that when you look for where to buy chandeliers online, you get the one that is exactly right for you. We have thousands of great deals every day, without the need for a coupon.

Check out House Of Chandeliers selection of chandeliers to create total lighting for your home. You'll find top brands, craftsmanship and expert design. And above all, take advantage of free delivery of our best-selling models. For more information, simply call us. If you still have questions, visit our online resource "How to buy a chandelier" or call us. We are here to help you!