Kitchen Lighting

1) Combine white and gold

Do you want something a little glamorous, that stays totally fresh and modern? These white pendants with gold accents bring the glitz without feeling fussy.

2) Take it Black

Don't be afraid - black can be very sexy in a kitchen. Need proof? Yes, you do.

We invite you to discover the collection of kitchen chandeliers to go further.

3) Pink gold always wins

Our love for rose gold will literally never die. Rose gold is found on everything from telephones to household appliances to lighting fixtures.

4) Get chic shades

If you use a shadow, make sure it is not totally basic. Thanks to the black accents, these white shades are always neutral, but not at all dull.

5) A light over your sink

We don't always cut, we also need light to do the dishes! Choose a fun light fixture for the ceiling, then hang a pendant over the sink.

6) Try a few cuts

Not only does a luminaire with cutouts add a fresh texture to your kitchen, but it also looks incredibly cool when you turn it on.

7) Hanging orbs

Keep it simple. All you need to add a little interest to an elegant white kitchen is some cool lights that don't totally dominate the space. Step into these glass pendants.

8) Small, but powerful

The long drop on these pendants is eloquent enough that the bulbs can be mistaken on the short side. This way, they do not submerge the island.

9) Prepare for the downturn

You could make considerable efforts in lighting, but you also need to take a clean and fundamental approach. These simple ceiling lights are perfect for this modern kitchen.

10) Mix and match

Who says your lights have to match? Choose a different light for every mood.

11) A touch of elegance

Oh, you feel like it, huh? Hang up a chandelier and live your most glamorous life.

12) Add a template

Use your lighting as an excuse to make an all-white kitchen a little more interesting. Exploit your bohemian side and find a patterned color shade.

13) Put them in a box

This is the definitive proof that modern kitchens don't need to be cold and hard. These bold pendants work thanks to very high ceilings.

14) Obtaining a declaration luster

If you want an eye-catching room in your kitchen, you need a declaration chandelier. Even if it's solid, it doesn't look awkward, thanks to its minimalist design and clean, open frame.

15) Going to the strongest

A bold kitchen like this requires powerful light. Choose something dark and solid to make it stand out.

16) Hold on to two

17) Try a bold color

The yellow dads wake up a breakfast corner. It's like a burst of energy before you've even had your first sip of coffee.

18) Becoming an industrialist

Balance between rustic and modern with industrial pendants. They can also help ground an all-white kitchen.

19) Add copper accents

20) Integrating nature

That's how you create the ultimate microdrop moment in your kitchen. Bonus points if you do this craft in your garden.